Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Zimbabwean Re-vote

Today, the state-run newspaper, The Herald, reports that neither candidate, Mugabe or Tsvangirai, received the 50% majority threshold, thus forcing a run-off election. However, The Herald did not report the actual vote count.

The story reeks of corruption. The New York Times reports on the suspect maneuvering or Mugabe's inner circle:

Earlier this week, with unofficial results showing Mr. Mugabe behind, close advisers to the president were split about whether he should concede or force a second vote, according to a Western diplomat with knowledge of the talks. Members in Mr. Mugabe’s inner circle were said to be in talks with Mr. Tsvangirai.

A Zimbabwean businessman with close links to the ruling party, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the nation’s military and intelligence chiefs discussed several options with the president after the vote appeared to go badly. These included the outright rigging of the election, going to a runoff and even the “elimination” of Mr. Tsvangirai.

While it is unlikely a new leader would be able to fix the woes of the worst economic collapse any country has seen in centuries, an honest Democratic election would go a long way to instill some feeling of hope in Zimbabweans (at least those that remain).

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Anonymous said...

The conditions in Zimbabwe are so appalling. The leadership is trying to decide between asassination and vote rigging. What an outrage!